Scheduling a Job Workflow

To add an unassigned job in the system, navigate to the Schedule module click the Actions button, then select Add Unassigned job. If you don’t yet know which field employee will perform the job, the best is to create an unassigned job. Once you have a clear direction on field employee assignment, you can go ahead and assign a crew member to that unassigned job.

If you already know the field employee who will perform the job, you can add an assigned job by double-clicking on the grid for any field employee, and the Add New Job screen will pop up.

Assuming you have already uploaded your customers, search for the Customer and if the customer has multiple locations, you can choose one from the Service Location drop-down.

Add Job Description and at the bottom, you can change the Start and End date/time and set the estimated duration for the job. Please note this is just an estimated duration that you have entered. The reports will show the actual start and end times that your field employees will record on the job site.

Assuming you already have items added to your inventory, you can now add the parts/services/equipment to this job. This is optional for dispatchers and techs in the field can add parts.

Go to the Attachments section and select the type of attachment from the drop-down. The attachments that are associated with the customer profile will also be displayed so you can select them if required.

Choose Forms to be filled out by your field employees. You can set the form trigger to ensure the forms will pop up for your field employees when the trigger condition is met.

If the job requires a part, you can create a purchase order and attach it to a job.

You can add notes for your field employees.

Please see below the details for each note:
Notes for field employees: These are the notes entered by the office user/dispatcher. These can be the instructions for the field employees to inform them what service they would have to perform on the job site.
Field notes: These are the notes entered by the field employees using their mobile app. These can be the notes to inform the office users about what was done on the job site.
Pinned/Site note: These are the notes entered for your field employees. These can be the gate codes for accessing the property or notes about the parts of the property that are regularly serviced.

Navigate to the Employee(s) tab and assign one or more crew members to the job.

Once done, you can save the job and it won’t be dispatched. If you choose to dispatch the job, your field employee(s) will be notified on their mobile app, and they can start the job.

After the Job is dispatched to a Tech

The tech will receive a notification on his mobile device that a job was assigned to him, the tech will also get notified if there are any changes in the job (notes, status, updates) from the office side.

On the app, the tech will go to the Job Module. From the Job Module, the tech will be able to see all the jobs that are assigned to him.

Once the tech clicks to open the job it will take him to the job details page. All the basic information about the job will be provided such as contact information, crew members, etc.

Job Details

Office Notes are available if the office user who dispatches the job has an important note for the field employee. The office note cannot be edited.

Field Notes is where the field employee can add notes when in the field, office users will be able to see the field note.

Images- once techs open a job and there are already images attached to it, the office user who dispatched the job has attached it. Techs can also attach images taken from the job site here by clicking the camera icon.

Crew members – you will be able to see all the crew members assigned to this job.

Start/End Travel

When you are ready to travel on the job, tap on the Start Travel button. If you tap the Address on the job details, Google Maps will open up and route you to the destination. Once arrived click on End Travel.

Start the Job

Inside the Details Tab hit the Start Job button when you are to start the job. 

Once you are on the job, beside the Job # the Job Status will change accordingly. 

Once you start the Job, notice that the Break Button pops up.

The Job status changed to Started highlighted in green.

If you need to take a break just tap on the break button and the Job Status will be changed to Paused highlighted in yellow.

Camera Icon – click on the camera icon to attach Photos you took at the job. You will also see here all the photos the office user attached to the job


In the Items Tab, if the office user attached items or inventory parts to the job you will be able to see here all inventory items such as inventory part, non-inventory parts, services, and equipment that is attached to this job.


Plus Icon – For instance, the office user forgot to attach certain items to the job. Field employees will also be able to add inventory items here.

Existing Customer Equipment

In the Equipment tab, you will be able to see here all of the customer’s existing equipment and all of its service history.

Existing Customer Equipment

Search Bar – field employees can search for a piece of a customer’s existing equipment and assign it to the job.

Scan Existing – field employees can scan a code of equipment and it will be automatically added to the job.

Toggle Icon- assign equipment to the job by toggling on the toggle icon. If it is already toggled on that means the equipment is already assigned to the job.

Mobile Forms

A list of pre-configured Forms that are assigned to his job will be listed here.

Field employees or customers can fill out this form.

Forms List

All forms that are assigned to this job will be listed here.

Plus IconA list of pre-configured Forms that can be assign to the job will be listed. You can pick and fill out the form and it will be assigned to the job as well.

When the form is assigned to the job you can open it up, fill it out and you will have the option to SAVE, SUBMIT, or MAIL.

Saving the form will only save all the info that you fill it. Submiting the form will save the form and sumbit it to the office side and office users will be able to see it. Mailing the form will ask you input and email address and it will be sent out to the email you input.

Finish the Job

Once all is settled, tap on the Done and a prompt will appear if you want to Hold, Complete, or Create a follow up Task for the job.

Complete – will mark the job as finished and stop clocking your time for that specific job.

Create Reminder Task – This will allow techs to update the office staff to view the follow-up task needed for the job. 

Hold – this will put the status of the job on hold for a reason.

Convert to Invoice – Will mark the job completed and convert the job into an invoice.

Create Reminder Task

If you decide to create a reminder task, give the task subject and description.

Assign the task to an office user and add a due date so that once you create it, it will notify the office user you’ve selected. The notification will show in the Reminders and Notification Bell under the Task Tab.


Once you have decided to put the job on hold, you will be given an option for the reason why it was put on hold.

Pick a reason and tap Select.

After you put the job on hold, the Status of the Job will change to HOLD.

How to Complete a Job if it is assigned to multiple Field Employees

If you are one of the field techs assigned to the job, to complete the job for your self only after you click on the Done button an additional option Complete My Work in the prompt will be added.

Complete My Work – by selecting complete my work, this will only complete your time entries for this job. The other field employee assign to this job will still be able to work on this job and complete it on his own.

Getting a Signature after Job is Completed

If you are using an IOS device, swipe right on the Completed Job to get a signature.

If using an Andriod device, click and hold the Job and click on Sign.

After clicking on Sign, a signature pad will pop up. Put your signature or have the customer sign it and click save.

End your Shift

After a hard day’s work hit the End Shift button. Data will be automatically sent and synced to the office as long as you have a network connection or Wi-Fi.


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