Release 86.5 (09/14/2023)

Description: Notify office users about the job status that has changed since the job was opened. 

Previous behavior: The office user dispatched the job, and the job was opened on their screen in edit mode. When the tech received the job on the app, he started the job, and the job status should be “Started”. As the office user has left the job opened in edit mode with the job status “Not Started” so when the office saved the job, the job status reverted to “Not Started” even though the tech already started the job. 

Improved behavior: The office user dispatches the job and leaves the job open in edit mode with the status “Not Started”. The tech starts the job from the mobile app and the job status is marked as “Started”. When the office user tries to close the job, a message will be displayed to them letting them know that the job status has changed and how they would like to proceed.    

Description: Updates to Field Notes on office side. 

Previous behavior: A separate tab existed for Field Notes that allowed office users to view notes entered by their techs. Moreover, they can view who made changes to the notes and what changes were made. 

Improved behavior: Field notes will now be available at the right-bottom corner on Job Info tab. To view the history of changes made to the field notes, the user needs to navigate to Job history tab.  

Description: Customer Tags to be displayed only on Job Info page. 

Previous behavior: The customer Tags were displayed on each tab when the office user opened a job.   

Improved behavior: On Add New Job or Edit Job page, the customer Tags can only be seen when the user is on Job Info tab. This makes it easier for office users to view the information dedicated to just those tabs – Employee(s), Tasks, Job history

Description: ‘Automatically add pinned notes to invoice’ Scheduling option. 

Previous behavior: When the setting “Automatically add job notes to invoice” was enabled, both field notes and site/pinned notes were carried over when the job was converted to an invoice.  

Improved behavior: A new option “Automatically add pinned notes to invoice” is introduced that allows the office user to have more control over what notes should carry over when a job is converted into an invoice. If an office user wants the system to automatically add only pinned/site notes to an invoice, they can only select the “Automatically add pinned notes to invoice” option. 

Description: Log the deleted job information in Job history tab.

Previous behavior: When a job was deleted, there was no report that tells who deleted the job and when the job was deleted. 

Improved behavior: When a job gets deleted, the office user can view the information about the deleted job under Job history tab. This way they can keep track of their jobs and the admin user can control the added permissions given to office users. 


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