Mobile Inventory

The Mobile Inventory module allows users to locate Parts that are available on warehouse that is near your location. It is helpful in situations that the parts you need for the job is not in your vehicle.

Locating the Inventory Module

Tap on the three bars located on the upper left corner of the page. It will load the dashboard, select Inventory.

Search the Inventory

Once you get to the Inventory Page, find the parts you need by using the search field or by scrolling down manually on the listed parts.

If the part is available on the list, tap on it and it will take you to the Part Details Page. It will give you a list of warehouse where the part is available.
You can use the Sort by Distance button for you to find the nearest warehouse at your current location. The top on the list is closest to you.

Adding Parts on the Inventory

This module also allows you to add  Parts to the inventory manually. Just tap on the Add / + button in the upper right corner of the page.

It will take you to the Add Inventory Page.

Select a warehouse by tapping Select Warehouse. Please fill out the form. The Name field is required. Other fields such as Initial Quantity on Hand, Sales Price, Cost should also be filled out because it can help with the Estimates report and Job Tasks. 

To finalize everything, hit Check button on the upper right corner to save the inventory.

Purchase Orders

Click on Purchase Orders to view all existing purchase orders.

Purchase Order

Click on Purchase Orders to view all existing purchase orders. Select one of the existing purchase orders to view and edit.

Purchase Order

You can edit the Vendor Name, add a Vendor Invoice Number, edit the Amount, and add other Parts if necessary.

Click on the cart icon to receive inventory, click on the check icon to save.