Customer’s Address Book: Equipment

The Equipment Tab of the Customer’s Address Book contains a listing of all the equipment/hardware that the customer has purchased from you or any equipment from third-party vendors that you track.

The list includes the equipment type and model, the manufacturer, warranty details, attachments, and description. For ease of monitoring, the list includes the number of months left before warranty expiration.

Use the search bar to find specific equipment.

Add an Equipment

To add equipment, click on the Add New button.

The Add New Equipment window will come up. Fill in the details. The fields with * are required.

Select the equipment/hardware purchased by the customer from the equipment inventory drop-down list. Once selected, click Load. If the quipment was not purchased from you, skip this step.

The equipment type, manufacturer, model, and vendor will automatically be filled in. Data will be from the equipment inventory .

If the equipment was not bought from you but you are tracking it, manually add the equipment type, manufacturer model and vendor of the equipment. 

Select the customer’s service location. If the customer has more than one service location, select the one where the equipment is located.

Enter the Warranty Expiration Date by clicking on the calendar icon and choosing the date from the drop-down.

If there is a contract associated specifically with this equipment, you can also attach it here. Use the Choose File button to select and upload the file.

Enter the description and any notes you need about the equipment. Then click Save.

The equipment will be added to the listing.

To manage an equipment entry click the 3-dot menu to the right and select either edit or delete.