Mobile Job/Scheduling

The indusTrack Mobile Application for Scheduling Jobs for employees .

Making Jobs as default screen

Click the three bars on the upper left of the application, the dashboard will come up. Select Settings.

Locate Default Screen Option and select Job. This will set the Job as you default screen whenever you login to the app.

Start your Shift

Inside the Jobs page, you will see    three tabs namely Day, Week, Month which will show you the list of Jobs on the currently selected tab. 

Tap the Start Shift button to clock in and select a Job listed below.

After selecting the job, it will take  you to the job details page. All the basic information about the job will be provided such as contact information, crew members, and etc.

Job Notes

You can review the job details. Notes is available if the person who dispatch the job has an important note for the job . This can also be edited, this can then be seen by the office user after the job is complete.

Start Travel

When you are ready to travel on the job, tap on the Start Travel button. If you tap the Address on the job details, google map will open up and route you to the destination.

End Travel

Once you have arrived, you need to tap the End Travel.

Start the Job

Inside the Details Tab hit the Start button when you are to start the job. 

Once you are on the job, the Status on the bottom side will change accordingly. If you need to take a break, tap on the Break button just below the start button.

Task/s on the Job

Click on the Tasks Tab just beside the Details Tab for you to view all the tasks that are available for the Job that is currently selected.

Tap on the first task, then it will take you to the Task Menu

Notice The different icons that indicates the status of the Tasks.

Start Task

If the Task has not been initiated, You will see this Start Task button as green. Tap the button to start the task.

Job Notes

Inside task, the field employee will be able to see Job Notes coming from the office users, this will allow them to put in important reminders for the field employee.

Field employee can also add Field Notes and the office users will be able to see it after the job.


Field employee can also see the parts that will used for the job or the parts that will be required.

Add/Edit Parts

Field employee can also edit the quantity of the parts by tapping the pencil icon at the top right.

If it requires to add a part, tap the + (plus) icon and the field employee can then search and add the part.

Mobile Forms

If the field employee or the customer needs to fill up a required form or sign a form, tap Forms.

Mobile Forms

List of Forms that can be use for the job will be listed. You can pick and fill out the form and the customer can also sign it.

If the Form that you need is not there, tap the + (plus) icon at the top right and select the form that you need.

Form Signature

Once every fields and information has been added to the form, the customer can provide a signature for the form. This can also be seen by the office users after the job.

Save/Submit Form

SAVE will just save the form without submitting it and can be edited later on.

SAVE AND SUBMIT will complete the process and will not be able to edit the form.


SAVE will just save the form without submitting it and can be edited later on.

SAVE AND SUBMIT will complete the process and will not be able to edit the form.

Ongoing Task

The Button will change to Complete Task after you press the Start Task button. It tells you that the Task is ongoing.

Once inside the Task Menu, tap on Start Task button to begin working on this task. The system will log the time you started the task and how long it took to finish the task under the Job Report. 

If you are done with the task, Hit Complete Task. 

If there is an additional task that was not included on the list, return to the Task list and hit the Add button on the upper right, fill out the fields and hit Save.

There will be several items below which are, Service Type, Office User Notes, Field Notes, Parts, Forms, Attachments, Equipment, Estimates, Purchase Order.

Service Type – it will show you what kind of service the task has.

Office User Notes – this field is meant for the office user. It allows them to note down additional information that you will need for the task.

Field Notes – You can use this field to note down any helpful information about the tasks.

Purchase Order

Purchase Order – On the Task Menu, scroll down to the bottom and tap on Purchase Order. Enter the P.O Number on the first field, then the Vendor where the part was purchased from, the Vendor Invoice number, the Amount for the total cost, and lastly, the Memo for your notes.

Add Parts

Parts – If you need to find additional parts necessary to complete the task, tap on this button and it will take you to the Parts Page. It will bring up a list of inventory items that are available and from what warehouse it will be removed from.

Finish the Job

Once the tasks have been completed, go back to the Job Details, scroll down and look for Sign. This is where the customer can put their signature. 

Once signed, hit Save.Once all is settled, tap on the Done button and it will mark the job as finished and stop clocking your time for that specific job.

Add a Job

under the Job List you can add a job by tapping on the Add Job.

It will take you to this page where you can search for the customer name using the search field or you can manually scroll down. Once you have found the name of the customer, tap on add located at the top right corner.

Insert the estimated start and end date with time, choose a customer fill out the Job Description and the Job Number if necessary.

End your Shift

After a hard day’s work, hit the End Shift button. You need to tap on the Sync button on the upper right corner so that the data will be sent to the office.