Purchase Orders

To set up purchase orders go to Settings > Inventory > Purchase Orders.

Purchase Orders List

The Purchase Orders page defaults to the Purchase Orders List table. The vendor and order details are shown in this table.

  • Search Bar 
    • Key in the information you are looking for on the search bar and matching information will populate the table
  • Actions button
    • Use this button to add or create new purchase orders.
    • Purchase orders are also deleted using this button.
  • The Vendors List has 5 columns.
    • Number – purchase order number
    • Vendor
    • Vendor Invoice Number
    • Status
    • Created By
    • Amount
  • Sort the purchase orders list
    • Click on the column header to sort the list according to the selected category.
  • List Per Page 
    • Select the number of items to be displayed per page. Options to choose from are 15, 25, 50
    • Use the arrow buttons to move from one page to another.

Create a New Purchase Order

  1. Click on the ADD NEW button.
  2. Fill in the item details on the Add Purchase Order window. Fields with (*) are required.
    1. Purchase Order Details
      • Purchase order #

    1. Vendor Details
      • Select Vendor* – select from the drop-down list. Create a vendor first if it is a new one.
      • Email – auto-populates if the information is provided on the vendor profile.
      • Mailing Address – auto-populates if the information is provided on the vendor profile.
      • Vendor Invoice # – edit the purchase order when this has been provided by the supplier.

    2. Shipping Details
      • Shipping Address – where the products will be delivered.
      • Ship Via – shipping provider.
      • Date – auto-fills with today’s date. Edit as necessary.

  1. Add the items to be purchased.
    1. Click on the parts and services search field.
    2. Search for and click on the item to be purchased. The details of the selected item will be added to the table.
      • If the product is a new one, create an inventory or non-inventory record first. 
      • To remove an item, click the X button to the right.
    3. Add the quantity to be purchased.
    4. If needed, update the product description and unit price.
    5. Add all items to be purchased from the vendor.

  2. Add any notes or messages for the vendor such as special delivery instructions.

  3. Totals and tax
    1. The Subtotal and Total fields will auto-populate.

    2. Set the Tax.
      1. Click on ADD inside the tax field.
      2. Select the applicable tax rate. Create a new tax rate if needed.
      3. Save the applicable tax.

  4. Save the purchase order. This will be added to the Purchase Order list.

Edit a Purchase Order

  1. Find the order from the list and click on it to open the Edit Purchase Order window.


  2. Update the details.
  3. Save the changes.

Delete a Purchase Order

  1. Find the purchase order or orders to be removed.
  2. Tick the checkbox to the left.
  3. Click the actions button and select Delete.
  4. The deleting confirmation window will come up. Select Yes to continue, select No to cancel the action.

  5. The purchase order will be removed from the list.