Service Types

Create codes for the different services performed for ease of documentation and report generation.

To set up the service types for the tasks, go to Settings > Scheduling > Service Types.

Create a Service Type

  1. Click Actions and select Add New Service Type.

  2. The Add New Service Type window will come up. Fill in the details.

    • Service Type Value – Assign the code for the service type.
    • Description – Key in a brief description of the service type.
  3. Save the new service type. This will be added to the list of service types.

Edit a Service Type  

  1. Find the service type and click on this to open.

  2. Edit the details from the Service type window.
  3. Save the updates.

Delete a Service Type

  1. Find the service type.
  2. Tick the checkbox to the left of the value.
  3. Click on Actions and select Delete.

  4. The confirmation window will come up. Select OK to continue or Cancel to abort.