Non-Inventory Items

Non-inventory items are products purchased for use in customer jobs.

Set-Up a Non-Inventory Item

  1. Click on the Actions button and select Add New Non-Inventory.
  2. Fill in the item details on the Add Non-Inventory window. Fields with (*) are required
    • Name* – the item name. 
    • SKU – assigned product code. 
    • Vendor – choose which vendor.
    • Income Account – select from the dropdown option.
    • Sales Price/Rate – selling price of a single use of the item. 
    • Sales Description – brief description of the product.
    • Expense Account – select what type do you have from the dropdown.
    • Stock
    • Main warehouse quantity on house – set the QTY.

  1. Save the new non – inventory item.
  2. The item will be added to the Inventory List.



Update the Details of a Non-Inventory Item 

  1. Find the item from the Inventory List and click on it to open the Edit Non-Inventory window.

  2. Update the details.
  3. Save the changes.



Delete a Non-Inventory Item or Items

  1. Find the non-inventory item or items to be removed from the Inventory List.
  2. Tick the checkbox to the left of the item or items.
  3. Click the actions button and select Delete.
  4. The deleting confirmation window will come up. Select Yes to continue, select No to cancel the action.

  5. If the non-inventory item being deleted is included in an assembly, the item will not be deleted. An error notification will come up.

    • The item will have to be removed from the assembly or the bundle will have to be deleted before the item can be deleted from the list.