To set up your suppliers go to Settings > Inventory > Vendors.

Vendors List

The Vendors page defaults to the Vendors List table. Contact information about the vendor is shown in this table.

  • Search Bar 
    • Key in the information you are looking for on the search bar and matching information will populate the table
    • You can search for the vendor name, address, and phone number.
  • Actions button
    • Use this button to add or create new vendor records.
    • Vendor records are also deleted using this button.
  • The Vendors List has 3 columns.
    • Name
    • Street Address
    • Phone
  • Sort the vendors’ list
    • Click on the column header to sort the vendors’ list according to the selected category.
  • List Per Page 
    • Select the number of items to be displayed per page. Options to choose from are 15, 25, 50
    • Use the arrow buttons to move from one page to another.

Add a New Vendor

  1. Click on the Actions button and select Add New Vendor.

  2. Fill in the item details on the Add Vendor window. Fields with (*) are required.

    1. General
      • Company*
      • Email
      • Phone
      • Mobile
      • Fax
      • Others
      • Website
    2. Address
      • Street Address
      • City
      • State
      • ZIP
      • Country
      • Notes
    3. Others
      • Account No.
      • Business ID No

  3. Save the new vendor. This will be added to the Vendors List.

Update a Vendor’s Record

  1. Find the vendor from the list and click on it to open the Edit Vendor window.

  2. Update the details.
  3. Save the changes.

Delete a Vendor

  1. Find the item or items to be removed.
  2. Tick the checkbox to the left of the item or items.
  3. Click the actions button and select Delete.

  4. The confirmation window will come up. Select Yes to continue, select No to cancel the action.

  5. The vendor will be removed from the list.