Vehicle Maintenance Schedule and Notifications

Create schedules for vehicle maintenance events such as oil change, tire rotation, acu filter change and others. Reminders can also be set up for these activities.

To access the vehicle maintenance page, go to Settings > Vehicle Tracking > Maintenance & Reminders > Schedule Maintenance.

The page defaults to the Vehicle Maintenance Schedule list presented in table format. This is also the page where the maintenance schedules are created, updated and deleted.

Using the Maintenance Schedule Table

The Vehicle Maintenance Schedule table has 4 columns: 

  • Vehicle ID/Name – Refers to the vehicle’s unique ID code with its given name.
  • Service Type – Refers to the Preventive Maintenance to be done/performed on the vehicle.
  • Next Maintenance – Indicates the next maintenance schedule. This could either be a date, number of engine hours or miles.
  • Interval – Indicates the recurrence/frequency of the maintenance event.

Sort the Vehicle Maintenance Schedule list

Click on the column header to sort the list according to the preferred field.

Filter Bar

Key in the information you are looking for on the Filter bar and matching information will populate the table.  

Clear Filter Button

Click this button to reset the table to its default format (remove the filter).

List Per Page

Select the number of schedules to be displayed per page. Options to choose from are 10, 25, 50, or 100. Use the Previous and Next buttons to move from one page to another (if there is more than one page).

+ Add New Button

Create a new vehicle maintenance schedule using the + Add New button.

Delete Button

Remove obsolete vehicle schedules using the Delete button. By default, this button is disabled. Tick the schedule checkbox or checkboxes to enable it.