Completed Jobs Report

The Completed Jobs Report gives you a summary of all the jobs that have been completed using the Schedule Module of IndusTrack and the Jobs Module of the Mobile Application.

From the Calendar Page of the Schedule Module go to the Actions button and select View Completed Jobs.

By default, the list is sorted by date with the most recently completed job at the top.

To search for a specific job, use the Search bar at the upper left-hand corner of the page. You can do a search using the job descriptions.

You can also filter the report so that only certain jobs for a specific date or date range are displayed. Click on the Date field and select the dates from the calendar. Click Apply.

Use the Clear Filter button to remove any filters that have been set and go back to the default settings. Clicking the Back button, on the other hand, will close the Completed Jobs Report.

The Create One Invoice for Multiple Jobs button at the upper right-hand corner is used to convert multiple selected completed jobs for a specific customer into one invoice.

To view more completed jobs, use the Items per page field or the arrows at the bottom of the list.

From this report, you can also view the estimate, the job report, and the invoice for a specific completed job.

View an Estimate

To view a job’s estimate, click the 3-dot menu to the right and select View Estimate. If the job has no associated estimate, the option will be grayed out.

The Estimate will open. To manage the estimate, go to the Actions tab and select an option.

If the completed job has not been invoiced, you can convert its estimate into an invoice from here.

View the Invoice

If the job has already been invoiced, select View Invoice from the 3-dot menu to open this.

The Invoice Edit window will open. You can manage the invoice from here.

View Job Report

Select View Job Report from the 3-dot menu to view the job details.

Convert Jobs and Estimates to Invoices

You can also convert jobs and estimates into invoices from the Completed Jobs Report. And if you have performed a series of jobs for your customer in a given time frame, you can convert these jobs into one consolidated invoice.