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Techs can easily sell memberships, from their mobile apps. When set up and assigned, IndusTrack automatically creates all the services for the membership.

To be able to successfully add a Membership to a client’s profile, make sure that this is enabled – and of course, properly set up – under Membership Settings.

Add a New Membership to the Client’s Profile

You can quickly add Memberships to your client’s profile. Jobs and Tasks – with specific recurring schedules – included in the availed Membership are automatically added to the Upcoming Services list.

Go to the Customer Module and find the client’s name from the list. If you have a long list of clients, use the Filter bar to quickly find the correct one. Use either the Company name or the contact person.

Open the client’s profile and go to the Contracts tab.

Go to the Add New button and select Membership.

The Add Membership window will come up.

Fill in the details. The fields with * are required.


Select the availed Membership package from the drop-down list.

The Jobs with Tasks and Recurring Schedules associated with the Membership will come up at the bottom of the window.

Start and End Dates

Set the Membership Start* and End* dates on the provided fields. Use the date pickers.


Provide a summary of or details about the client’s availed Membership.

Save the New Membership. This will be added to the Contracts List.

The included Membership schedules are also automatically added to the Upcoming Services list.

View Service Agreement Report

With the Membership Report, you will be able to view a summary of the package plus the status of the completion of the jobs and tasks associated with it.

Find the Membership to be viewed from the Contracts List. Go to the 3-dot menu to its right and select View Report.

View the Membership details and service status from the Membership Report window.

Edit/Update a Membership

Find the Membership to be updated from the Contracts List. Go to the 3-dot menu to its right and select Edit.

Update the Membership as needed. Save once done.

Delete a Membership

Delete a Membership that is no longer being used/referred to or was created in error. It is wise to exercise caution when using this function. Deleting a Membership even if it is an old one may have an effect on other functions, settings, or data. This action can not be undone.

Find the Membership to be removed from the Contracts List. Go to the 3-dot menu to its right and select Delete.

Alternatively, to remove a Membership from the list tick the checkbox to its left and click the Delete button.

  • To delete multiple Memberships, tick the checkboxes to the left of all. If all items on the list will be deleted, just tick the checkbox of the Name header. Before deleting all items on the list, remember that the Contracts list also includes Service Agreements, not just Memberships.

The Membership will be removed from the list.


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