Schedule Settings

Under the Schedule module, you will see the Timeline view of the schedule grid for your different field employees broken down by the hour for the current day. You will also be able to create jobs from this module.

Set up the general rules for the Schedule module from the Schedule settings page of IndusTrack. 

To go to the schedule settings page go to Settings > Scheduling. Expand the options to access the different schedule setting pages General Settings, Task Templates and Service Types.

From the General Settings page, create and edit different calendar types, set the start and end times of the scheduling grid as well as the default duration estimate for a job. You can also assign color schemes for different jobs. And you can set some permissions/access in Advanced tab.

Create a saved template for tasks that you schedule often from the Task Template page.

From the Service Types page, create different types of services that you can use to tag your jobs with to make sorting reports and billing from them more convenient.